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Visionary Mirjana Dragicevic-Soldo

MIRJANA DRAGIČEVIĆ-SOLDO Mirjana was 16 years old at the time the apparitions began (born on March 18, 1965). Her home was in Sarajevo, where she lived with her parents, but she would spend her summers in Medjugorje visiting her grandparents who were from there. It was she, along with Ivanka Ivankovic, on June 24, 1981, who first saw Our Lady.

In September 1981, several of the visionaries left Medjugorje because of school (though they still returned to the village frequently). Mirjana, with an above average intelligence, pursued a college degree in Sarajevo and became the only visionary to complete such an education. However, it was when she fully decided on this course to take in her life that her daily apparitions ceased. She relayed that had she not chosen college, Our Lady perhaps would have still continued to appear to her daily. In an interview with Fr. Tomislav Vlasic on January 10, 1983, Mirjana said:

“I asked Her (Our Lady) why She would no longer appear to me, after such a long time, and She explained that because I had decided to continue my schooling, I must learn to live my life without Her direct help and advice. She told me that I’m no different from any other young person, any other girl, and that I must live accordingly.”

Mirjana was referring to the meeting of December 24, 1982, when Our Lady announced to her that the following day would be her last apparition, though she would see Our Lady on her birthday each year, on March 18th, until her death. Mirjana was devastated to receive, not only this news, but it was in this apparition that she was given the 10th and last secret. Our Lady encouraged her to be courageous and assured her that whenever she was in a crisis, Our Lady would come to her.

“Now you will have to turn to God in the faith like any other person. I will appear to you on the day of your birthday and when you will experience difficulties in life. Mirjana, I have chosen you; I have confided in you everything that is essential. I have also shown you many terrible things. You must now bear it all with courage. Think of Me and think of the tears I must shed for that. You must remain courageous. You have quickly grasped the messages. You must also understand now that I have to go away. Be courageous.”

Mirjana went into a deep depression, but in time, gradually learned to accept and live her life without the consolation of seeing Our Lady every day. It was to Mirjana that Our Lady first entrusted all 10 secrets, some of which involve chastisements for the world. She was told to choose a priest to whom, when the time came, she would confide the secrets. It is up to the priest to make the secrets public. Mirjana was so afraid that she would not be able to remember all the dates and times that are contained in the secrets, and so Our Lady gave her a parchment-type material upon which all the secrets were written. Only Mirjana is able to read what is written there. A priest friend once questioned Mirjana as to why Our Lady would afford her the grace to appear to her when she was in trouble or a crisis, when all other people must go through difficulties without such a grace.

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